Philippians 1:29 promises you have been given the privilege not only of trusting Him but also of suffering for Him.image

The problem with the current ‘end times’ ideology is its denial of God’s means for working through His people to draw people to Himself. The idea that God will cause all of His people to one day just disappear leaving the remainder of humanity to suffer their fate is both arrogant and feeble.

It is arrogant because it assumes God only loves His people and cares nothing for everyone else. But God states clearly He takes no delight in the death of anyone, that He loves the world and desires all to be saved and when He destroyed the earth by flood He felt great remorse at the destruction of all of humanity except eight people.

It will be God’s saddest day when He grants eternally the request of all those who wanted nothing to do with Him while they lived on this earth.

When the end comes God will appear to take His people to Himself so that all the world can see His majesty, glory and power, His people will not just simply disappear.

It is feeble because the rapture idea portrays a Christian escapism from the terrors ahead. It is when we are weak that He is seen as strong.

Repeatedly God in Jesus promises trouble in this world but as His people are being persecuted His Holy Spirit will reveal His reality to the unbelieving in their midst. It is through trial, difficulty and suffering that the greatness of God is seen just as God demonstrated by His own existence among us.

God is not glorified in our wealth, strength or intellect but when we become poor, weak and foolish so that the richness, power and wisdom of God can be clearly manifest through His people then He draws the unconvinced to Himself.

The modern church has bought the rapture myth that was developed in the late 1800’s but popularized after World War II by a people who had suffered much through two world wars and a terrible depression. None of us want to suffer, none of us seek hard times, but it is the way of God for reveling Himself through His people.

He Himself lived such a life and He commands His people to follow Him. Our best life is yet to come when there will be no more tears, suffering or pain but it wont occur while others are left behind to suffer their own fate.

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