Seeking God’s Will on Earth

Matthew 6:10 asks Your will be done here on earth, just as it is in heaven.image

When God taught us to pray He told us to pray that God’s will be done. He modeled such a request and adherence when in the garden He sought His Father for a different plan than His current trajectory but submitted Himself to the original plan even at the cost of His own life.

We are to pray for God’s will to occur in the world and for His people to bend their will and way to His will no matter the cost. God is gentle, humble and good. We know this because He actually allows us to choose obedience or defiance. By virtue of His Name, God, He could command and demand all of creation to bow before His will without power to do otherwise.

Instead most of humanity intentionally and all of humanity daily, disobeys His Sovereign will and does very little to do His will on earth as it is in heaven.

The first problem is our ignorance of God’s will. Few are the Christians who make a daily habit of reading the Bible to understand the ways and will of God for their life. While more will read commentaries from other men as to what God’s will is they miss the direct connection God offers through the Bible by not reading His Word themselves and asking Him to provide understanding with application.

Second, we are proud and so think that modern man has become smarter than ancient Bible writers so we dismiss the eternal word of God that was recorded by those ancient writers. Christian doctrine teaches that God spoke through men who were enveloped by His Spirit so that His work and ways could be forever recorded so that all people in all ages could know God and obey His commands.

Neither evolution, psychology, sociology, science or theology that contradicts God’s clear revelation in the Bible will be used by God to judge humanity. God has made Himself known both through His written Word and through His incarnate Word so that none of us are without excuse for obeying Him on that day we meet Him face to face.

The expectation of God is that all of humanity will bow before Him declaring Him to be Lord of all, Sovereign King of the universe and as such pledge our lives and all of our possessions to His use for His glory.

As God is good, this surrender to Him leads to the greatest, most satisfying life of all but we only experience Him and His abundant life after we have surrendered all.

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