Ready for the End?

Zephaniah 1.7 observes the Lord has consecrated those He has invited.

Concern over the end of the world has been a fairly common issue for the people of God. When God lived among us and addressed this issue He said we should be less concerned about when that day will happen and more concerned with being ready when that day does happen.

While we may want to know when Jesus will return we can know if we are ready for His return.

As the prophet Zephaniah prepared Israel for God’s judgment so His prophecy is God’s preparation for us to be ready on Judgment Day. Zephaniah says God is consecrating those whom He has invited to His eternal dwelling place.

When God lived with us as the Man Jesus He told us that we are consecrated or sanctified by God’s Word. The sign then that we are being prepared by God for the return of God in Jesus the Sovereign King of the universe is that His Word is growing in greater desire within us and greater expression from us.

Many church goers make little to no time for reading and studying the Bible. Neither do these same people make any effort to read books or take classes that help them understand the Bible better. Nearly all of these people would call themselves Christians.

We should be very concerned about our state of readiness for God’s return if we are not characterized by wanting to know God better and working to obey God more. Jesus says it is His Word that changes us for it is living and active piercing our bodies to the depth of our souls. It’s purpose is to transform our thinking and our doing into living similarly to the life Jesus lived when He lived among us.

Our words and deeds are to mimic those of Jesus for God’s ultimate purpose is to conform us into His image through His Spirit by His Word. God gives us the Bible, His Word, and His Spirit so that we can know His will and have the power to do it.

If regular Bible intake is your practice, if you are always looking for ways to serve God, if you are constantly connecting to other disciples through reading, studying and meeting to know God better; be assured you are being prepared to meet your Maker.

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