Sanctification is God’s Process For Christians To Get Better

“‘You must sanctify yourselves and be holy, because I am the Lord your God. You must be sure to obey my statutes. I am the Lord who sanctifies you.”Leviticus 20:7-8 NET


Sanctify means to be set apart, particularly for God’s glory and service. To be holy is morally perfect without any blemish of purity or righteousness. Holiness is impossible for us by our efforts but is appropriated to the child of God through the holiness of Jesus and is maintained through obedience to the word of God. This is the work of the Christian for sanctification, knowing God’s word, and doing what it says. God in Jesus prayed we would be sanctified and then told us the means for our sanctification: His word. God isn’t interested in us only knowing His will but expects us to apply that knowledge through obedience to His will. This is why the true children of God cannot embrace the thinking and practices of the culture that oppose God’s word. It is not God’s ways that are to be ignored by His church but society’s ways that conflict with God’s word. God is not changing His standards at the judgment for us. His word was given to His people to be applied to their lives for all time and is the measurement by which He will weigh each person upon their arrival before His presence. The child of God must decide whom they will please, God or man. God is holy. He has given us His Word, Spirit, and church to help us live in the holiness He provides through Jesus, the Savior Who is and Who was perfect in every way. Who do we love most, God or man?

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