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Luke 4.13 observes the devil had completed every temptation.

The bible clearly teaches that Jesus was tempted in every way just as we are yet He did not yield to these temptations and sin against His Father.

Jesus was the only person to ever live and not sin against God either in thought, word or deed.

No other person can make such a claim nor have they; not Gandhi, not Buddha, not Martin Luther King, no man has ever claimed to live a perfect life except one – the carpenter from Nazareth Who lived more than two thousand years ago, Jesus.

Jesus lived a perfect life not so that He could get to heaven; He came from heaven since He Himself was God, but so He could offer His body a sacrifice for the sin of all humanity in order that humanity could go to heaven.

This is the message of the gospel that an exchange has been made available to all people for all time in every place: God will exchange His perfect life with its consequence of pleasing God for our imperfect life with its consequence of being condemned by God.

We receive this exchange when we humble ourselves before God, admit we have disobeyed His commands and seek reconciliation with Him through Jesus the Lord.

The perfect God requires a perfect life in order to live in His perfect place, something none of us are capable of giving Him.

Yet God was not willing for all men to be condemned so He provided a means, Jesus the Savior, for people to get to heaven.

Jesus performed the work we could never do in order to give us life with Him forever but we must stop trying to get to heaven by our own works and instead humbly admit we need to receive the Savior.


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