The effect of God’s work

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Luke 10.18 observes I saw satan fall like lightning. images

Upon the return to Jesus from their ‘mission’ experience, God in Jesus comments that the fruit of His disciple’s labor was His observation of satan’s fall like lightning. The Lord Jesus had just sent seventy-two disciples to preach, teach and heal in all the towns He was preparing to enter.

The disciples returned to Him excited by all the miracles they had seen and with the effect of their work. Few are those who know this joy for very few participate with God in telling others about Him or in working to help others see Him.

Jesus identified this problem after appointing the seventy-two when He said the workers were few but that we should pray to God to send more workers into the harvest field. The need has always been great but the response has always been reserved, for people love themselves more than they love God and His mission.

The culture around us reflects the work of satan who deceives people into believing there is no God then encourages them to do whatever they feel like doing.

Satan’s work in the world is stymied by God’s people doing His work in the world.

Where the laborers are few the fruit of evil is abundant.

The world desperately needs more workers in the harvest field, God’s people who will give-up their pursuit of wealth and pleasure in this world in order to pursue people for reconciling them to God through Jesus the Savior.

When God’s people fully engage God’s work evil plummets with a crash!

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