1 John 2.3 declares we have come to know God if we keep His commandments.images

Obedience to God is the evidence among men, God and demons that a person is a Christian. The external activities of church attendance, prayer, Bible reading and good deeds are a means for learning obedience and are not the ends God requires from people.

How do we know the commands of God? The Bible is God’s recorded requirements of people.

Christians who ignore the Bible ignore the primary means God has chosen to communicate Himself and His will for humanity. We cannot obey God and ignore the Scriptures.

The Bible makes clear people are not born good and only become corrupted as a result of their environment rather they are born corrupt and must be trained to obey God. Those who deny God teach just the opposite with the result that many Christians believe this lie resulting in a false pride that they are good, failure to discipline their children and a habitual ignoring of Scripture to learn and obey the commands of God.

God’s commands are not burdensome but they are the opposite of all that the world declares right and good.

Obedience to God is impossible without death of self for our natural self, the person we are born as, cannot please God: we must be born again of mind and spirit so that by the Spirit of God we are made capable of obeying God.

Obedience is not a common conversation among Christians today with the result that it is very difficult to discern who is Christian and who is not in our culture.

Jesus was an obvious man of God because He perfectly obeyed God and those who claim to be Christian must walk as Jesus did.

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