Galatians 6.15 records what counts is whether we really have been changed into new and different people.images

Who are the true Christians?

Regrettably many people who call themselves Christians do so because they believe in God and their Church has taught them that nothing else is required. This understanding of Christianity explains why many in the Church live lives congruent with non-believers and are convinced that all religions are essentially the same so all people who believe in God go to heaven.

These things are simply not true if the Bible in all its parts are true and anyone can verify this if they but read carefully the entire Bible, especially the New Testament.

If all religions are basically the same then there is no need for one religion, Christianity, to claim that God has come to earth to receive punishment and death as a sacrifice for the disobedience of all mankind.

There is only one true religion because there is only One true God and only one true mediator between God and humanity: Jesus the Savior.

Those who seek God’s pardon are those who commit themselves to obey God by loving Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

Those who live lives of obedience to God will reflect a different way of living. The unmarried will not sleep with others before marriage because God calls pre-marital sex evil. Married couples will not divorce because God hates divorce and commands couples, one man and one woman, to love one another as He loves the Church. Everyone will put others before themselves because God has commanded we love our neighbor as our self and we forgive others as God has forgiven us.

The devil believes in God but he makes no attempt to obey God.

Belief in God that doesn’t result in obedience to God does not result in making a person a child of God.

Children of God hear their Father’s voice and live to please Him always.

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