We Live Life For God Through God

yet for us there is only one God, the Father, from whom are all things, and we exist for Him; and one Lord, Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we exist through Him.” 1 Corinthians 8:6 NASB2020 https://bible.com/bible/2692/1co.8.6.NASB2020


We exist for God through Jesus the Savior. What does this mean? In the eyes of God it means we as His children live as His First Born Son. The Son came not to be served by men but to serve the will of God which was the reconciliation of the world to Himself through His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. Jesus put the will of God made manifest through the work of God first and only in His life. This will of God was His work whether that work was around the house as a carpenter or  in the marketplace as a prophet. The will of God was manifested in the work of Jesus as a son of man and as a son of God. The will of God is that we love one another as He loves us which is a great work for us to do in our relationship struggles and interactions with one another. We love most when we deny ourselves and help others love God most. This then transitions us into the life of the Son through whom we live. We need His presence given to us by His Spirit Who is the power we must possess for loving unconditionally, serving sacrificially to do the will of God continuously before men. Doing God’s work in accordance with God’s will before men who are constantly at odds with Him and each other is a monumental task made possible only by Jesus in us working through us. Living the Jesus life is living in love for God and love for others. It is focused on the glory of God being accomplished on earth through obedience to the will of God while focusing on people for reconciling them to God through a personal relationship with Jesus the living God and Savior of the world.

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