What is True?

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John 17.17 records God will set them apart in the truth; Your Word is truth.images

The past fifty years has seen a consistent message proclaimed in the culture that truth is relative and therefore subject to each individual person: in essence eliminating any basis for absolute truth.

Today many people including those who attend Church believe this cultural myth. Logically we know relative truth makes no sense for we could engineer nothing without absolute true equations. Science is dependent too upon truth and consistencies in nature in order for natural processes to be understood and described.

Yet when it comes to God and morality we want to believe there are many options and people are free to make their own choice. This is a wish but not true for the One True God has made Himself clearly known through the Scriptures and plans to judge each person in accordance to that truth, the passing or failing of that judgment determining the eternal destiny of all people whether it be good or bad.

True lovers of God search the Scriptures to know God and to apply His truth to their lives.

Those who make God’s truth their truth will indeed set themselves apart from the culture which is becoming increasingly less tolerant of God and His absolute requirements.

This conflict between God’s truth and the culture is seen in issues like marriage where God is adamant that it exists only between one man and one woman; in abortion where God’s truth clearly communicates life begins at conception; and religion where Jesus alone is made the Way, the Truth and the Life for eternally dwelling with God.

All people must decide which truth they will follow: God’s or their own.

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