What it Takes to be Good

Matthew 23.26 commands first clean the inside of the cup and dish, and then the outside also will be

Chaos puts us into panic causing us to desire control. In a society that means getting the state to use its power to stop the chaos. When the state implements its power freedom suffers. Many are willing to sacrifice freedom for control or less chaos.

Our world is moving toward greater chaos.

The alternative to external control is to have internal control. If we all exercise greater self-control we will need less police control.

God has always been primarily concerned with self-governance rather than external governance. He demonstrated this by allowing the first humans to have a choice within His perfect establishment to break from His commands. They would need self control to obey Him but they didn’t and chaos followed. That chaos has never fully departed.

Governments are filled with people, people like us, people who are power hungry, weak willed, selfish and self-absorbed. Inviting them into our problem as the solution is to suffer less chaos but less freedom which always leads to the greatest amount of suffering.

Across the globe, those nations whose governments give the least personal freedom also have the greatest personal suffering among their people. External force by people like us always leads to greater suffering not less; history has told us this throughout the ages and the world still lives this truth.

If we want the end of chaos in our society we must put an end to the chaos in our own lives by exercising internal controls. We must practice self-governance so that we wont need police governance.

However, self governance without God is impossible. We all have failed simply trying to stick to a diet. Controlling our passions so that we love our neighbor like we love ourselves is impossible without God entering our lives and changing us from within.

The value of God, the Christian God of Holy Spirit, in part is His role He plays of transforming us from the inside out.

God is less concerned by my external behaviors than He is with my internal motives. God knows if He gets my head and heart straight my actions will follow.

If we want to be good, if we want society to get better, we must begin the work not by looking without but by looking within and asking God to begin His work in me.

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