What it Takes to Find God

Jeremiah 10.23 proclaims, ‘Lord, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them toimage direct their steps.’

Most people believe in God, its universal since the dawn of creation. It is that way because there really is a God and while we are distant from Him He has placed a homing device for Him within us.

This explains why all people from all nations for all time have had gods, religion and worship of someone or something greater than themselves. The confusion over Who is God is a result of this multiplicity of gods causing some to deny the existence of God until they arrive at their darkest most helpless hour and become desperate for God.

Because God is so distant, though He is really near to every one of us, and because we are so confused by the many claims about Him, we live as though He didn’t really exist.

We want God, if He really exists, to show Himself to us, to come to us and manifest before us the proof of His existence. This attitude makes us god and Him our servant which explains why it rarely happens.

I say rarely because God has humbled Himself on many occasions to respond to the demands of men. Truly God is amazing in love and humble in nature.

If we would really experience the One True God and begin a deeper and richer relationship with Him we must begin where the prophet Jeremiah begins, ‘Lord I know my life is not my own and it is not for me to direct my steps.’

This statement of contrition, this humbling ourselves before God, is necessary to experience God. It only makes sense that this is true for if God really exists; that He should act like a God and demand that we the creature acknowledge Him as the Creator.

This demand is more like a lover who knows she is being pursued but ‘forces’ her pursuer to continue humbling himself to win her love eventually allowing him to catch her when she is convinced he truly is committed to her forever.

God is like this lover though far more grand and beautiful. He desires and even demands that we pursue Him with a passion and love we reserve for only that which is our greatest love and desire.

When we seek Him with all of our heart we shall find Him and when we find Him He shall direct our lives in ways we cannot imagine but that will be more fulfilling, more rewarding and more meaningful than we could have ever hoped.

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