What Makes Us Great?

Luke 7.28 declares among those born of women there is no one greater than John; yet the one who isimage least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.

Everyone wants to be great at something. When we are young our desire to be great usually focuses upon our studies, popularity, sports or arts. As we mature our desire for greatness shifts to our work or even our family.

We want to be great because we want to be the best because……why is it so important we always win?

At its root the answer is because we were made by God to be like God. Since He is the greatest and everything He does is excellent so at our core is this desire to do great things and to be great.

Our loss of connection to God has caused this inherent nature to now focus upon ourselves rather than the glory of God which partially explains why we destroy one another to be personally great.

God has no problem with the pursuit of greatness just with the ends of our pursuit.

He Himself declared John the Baptist to be the greatest. Why?

John was great because he made his life purpose the announcement of God’s arrival on earth. John was chosen by God to herald the arrival of God. John accepted his mission even giving his life in the cause and therefore God exalted him to the status of greatest of all men born of a woman.

Achieving greatness status among people is immensely temporary; achieving greatness status before God is to be rewarded forever. Being great in God’s eyes is simple but not easy.

To be great with God is to give our first priority and love to His work on earth by exalting the work He accomplished through Jesus the Savior.

Those who are faithful to this purpose will receive God’s reward and will be welcomed with joy into God’s eternal world to come.

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