Knowing and Doing the Will of God

1 Samuel 3.21 The Lord continued to appear at Shiloh, and there He revealed Himself to Samuel imagethrough His word.

Knowing God’s will is not complicated.

The difference between the Christian God and all other gods, including Allah, is the clarity by which He makes Himself known and what He requires. This only makes sense if God is truly loving and just.

A God Who desires a relationship with humanity must by virtue of the desire reveal as clearly as possible His personality, intentions and will to those with whom He desires a relationship.

While religious elites have in times past in most religions sought to keep such information cloistered among the few, the One True God has made Himself known through the Scripture so that all people in all places for all time can know Who He is and what He demands from us. This virtue alone demonstrates God’s goodness and love.

Knowing God’s will is as easy as reading God’s Word.

But wait, we lament, the Bible doesn’t tell me which shirt to wear, what job to take or who my chosen spouse will be. These are the really important things for which I want to know the will of God. These questions miss the mark for which the purpose of knowing God’s will is given.

The will of God is given to us so that we may please Him, so that we may do His bidding, so that we may fulfill our destiny for which we were created. This is to live for the service and honor of God in the world.

The things we are most interested in knowing are so that we can live a more secure, comfortable, happier life without God or at least without the daily focus of doing God’s will. We want a god who is more interested in us and making us happy than we are about Him and ensuring He is well pleased.

This is why we ask but don’t receive from God. Surely what we want is good right? Wanting the ‘right’ spouse is good isn’t it? Taking the job that is best for my skills and family is good right?

While we define these things as good God defines them as gifts from Him for helping accomplish His will on earth as it is in heaven. The mate we choose should be our life long partner in accomplishing God’s will together. Our careers should fund our ministry to everyone both inside and outside the company as we work to build His Kingdom on earth.

God is not trying to be difficult in not telling us His will for our lives.

We have difficulty orientating our lives around His will that He has already clearly revealed.

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