What True Believers Look Like

1 John 2.2-6 observes, here’s how we can be sure that we know God in the right way: Keep his commandments. If someone claims, “I know him well!” but doesn’t keep his commandments, he’s obviously a liar. His life doesn’t match his words. But the one who keeps God’s word is the person in whom we see God’s mature love. This is the only way to be sure we’re in God. Anyone who claims to be intimate with God ought to live the same kind of life Jesus lived.

Who are the people who truly know and belong to the One true God? They are easy to identify.

They are those who obey His commands, the result of which is that they take on the character, nature and ways of Jesus, Who is God and lived among us as one of us. God’s commands are simple; love Him and love others. We love God by obeying Him, by seeking Him, by submitting ourselves to His ways and by embracing His work.

We love others by treating them as we ourselves want to be treated. Do we want mercy? We are to give mercy. Do we want grace? We are to give grace. Do we want to receive kindness, generosity and encouragement? Then we are to give kindness, generosity and encouragement. The best thing we can do for another is to help another person know Jesus as Savior and live a life pleasing to God so that we and they live forever with God and with all those who have ever loved Him.

At our core, the greatest desire we all have is to live forever. This is possible. The eternal life God promises is with Him on the new earth with renewed people who no longer do anything harmful to one another. This life is only made possible through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Savior and given freely to all those who humble themselves before God and ask Him for it.

These true believers then live lives in obedience to God in grateful anticipation of that life to come.

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