Who is God?

Isaiah 33:22 describes the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is Heimages Who will save us.

How do we see God? What role does He play in our lives?

The great prophet Isaiah working in a culture similar to ours many years ago reminds Israel that God acts in four ways in our lives.

First God is our judge. We have inherent knowledge of right and wrong. We feel injustice, our children demonstrate this inherent feeling when they tell us something, ‘isn’t fair.’ God built this into our DNA and though it is now distorted, our own understanding of right and wrong, God will judge us by His standard.

Second, this judgment from God will be based upon His revealed standard or law. God’s judgment will be just because He has made clearly known what His expectations are for how we are to live. God has told us everything we need to know for pleasing Him, for doing His will, for passing His judgment. Our only concern should be our effort at knowing His will and our effort at doing His will.

This subjection to His will demonstrates our adherence to His third role which is King. The king gets to determine what is and what shall be without question or rebellion. Loyal subjects obey without hesitancy or challenge. As the Creator He is the King of the universe. Our current lives may or may not reflect Him as King but He is nevertheless and one day He will return to establish His rule forever.

This eternal establishment of His rule is what leads Him into His final role as Savior. Since all of us are lawbreakers, all of us will be judged guilty; all of us have rebelled against the absolute sovereignty of God therefore we all need a Savior, someone to pardon us and remove from us the penalty of our transgression.

Only God can forgive those who sinned against Him.

Through Jesus He paid the penalty for our rebellion and by His resurrection offers all those who acknowledge Him as Judge, Lawgiver and King eternal salvation with God forever for Jesus is the Savior of the world.

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