Matthew 15.9 condemns teaching as doctrines the commandments of men. my images

There are many things being taught in the Church that contradict what is written in the Bible. Instead of being wise men choose to be learned and so become foolish in the eyes of God.

When the commands of God are replaced by the doctrines of men then both legalism and disobedience occurs.

Legalism develops as people focus upon pleasing people more than pleasing God. Disobedience develops as people ignore the will of God clearly commanded in the Scriptures to do what men approve.

Recent examples of these doctrines include the use of evolution to explain the ‘symbolic’ six days of creation. This doctrine of men causes people to doubt the clear writing in the Bible and so they put more faith in science than in Scripture.

True science knows macro-evolution is a myth and that something cannot come from nothing. The Bible clearly teaches God made all things in six literal days.

Wisdom comes from fearing the Lord but education comes from men.

It is politically incorrect to refute the homosexual lifestyle yet God includes this behavior among all the sins people do that will keep them from heaven unless they repent and begin to obey God.

Many preachers promote tolerance and acceptance of things God calls immoral which confuses people and blasphemes His Holy Name.

The remedy to legalism and disobedience is for ministers of the Church to preach literally and thoroughly the Scriptures.

The people of the Church must also read and study the Scriptures for themselves not depending upon others to inform them of the ways of God.

In this way all people will know the Lord and know what is pleasing in His sight and those who do His will, will be proven wise.

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