Defining God

Jeremiah 30.21 records, I will invite him to approach Me, says the LORD, for who would dare to come imageunless invited?

I am increasingly amazed at the belief we practice about God. We take God for granted and hold Him in very little esteem. We believe that what we think He is defines Who He really is rather than getting our definition directly from Him.

Everyone seems quite comfortable with everyone else’s interpretation of Who God is as though He were all things to all people. What kind of a person is that?

None of us are all things to all people. Certainly different people may have differing opinions of us but those who know us best will have a consistent opinion of our character, nature and ways. We are what we are.

In fact, most of us dislike being mischaracterized, it hurts us. Image is everything and most of us work hard to present ourselves in a light that is positive and appealing. Wouldn’t God be similar?

Doesn’t it make sense that God would have a defined nature, character and way? If God is a Person, albeit not human, but a thinking, feeling, intelligent and rational Being, then He would have a defined and understandable nature, character and way.

Indeed, God does, as He defines Himself in the Bible: good, holy, just, righteous, gracious, merciful and loving, to name a few. The Bible is replete with descriptions of the character, nature and will of God.

God did not leave Himself to be defined by humanity but invites humanity to learn of Him in order to come to understand Who He is so that we can know Him and obey Him. God has recorded Who He is so that we are without excuse for knowing Him.

When God judges humanity for how they lived their lives He will not ask us what we thought of Him and then measure us based upon our conceived notions of Him. God will judge humanity based upon their acceptance and adherence to the revelation of Him they have received from Him. This revelation starts with creation itself, moves to our conscience, crescendo’s in Jesus Christ and is recorded for eternity in the Bible.

If God is God, and He is nothing less than God, then He will measure us by His standard according to His ways; doesn’t that make sense?

What doesn’t make sense is us refusing to know those ways so that we can align ourselves in obedience to them in order to pass the coming judgement.

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