Delighted To Identify With Jesus

And his heart took great pride in the ways of Yahweh, and again he took away the high places and the Asherim from Judah.” 2 Chronicles 17:6 LSB


Do I take great pride in the ways of God? What would that look like if I did? The word for great pride in the positive sense means encouragement and delight. In the negative sense, the word means haughty and proud. In both cases, the word means exalted and lifted up. Am I proud to be a Christian? Do I boast about my Savior? Do I promote the ways of God because they are so right, wise, and good? Why am I a Christian, a follower of Jesus? If merely to get to heaven, I will probably be glad to be a Christian, but I won’t take great pride in my Savior. Those who take great pride in something wear that something on their sleeve, literally in the form of a logo and color. They boast about it and invite others to participate in their brand or team. Too few Christians take great pride in Jesus such that we are constantly making Him and His ways known to others so that they buy into the greatest person, gift, hope, and future possible for men. Are we so consumed by the pleasure of God today that we can’t help but rejoice in Him, or have we merely entered a contract with Him to be implemented upon our death? We need more Christians, and I need to be more of a Christian who takes great pride in the work, ways, and person of Jesus, our God, and Savior.

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