God sees Clearly

1 Corinthians 13:12 recognizes all that I know is hazy and blurred, but then I will see everything clearly, just as clearly as God thsees into my heart right now.

The bad news is that God sees clearly into our hearts and knows us at the core of our being who we really are. The good news is that God sees clearly into your hearts and knows us at the core of our being and still loves us anyway.

The good parent knows their children pretty well but none of us can know the deepest thoughts and feelings of anyone else. The good parent will love their children no matter their worst failings. It should not be too difficult for us then to believe that our Creator Father loves us despite our numerous failings toward living a holy life.

The truth is few are actually trying to live a holy life but that is a different matter all together.

Our understanding of Who God is and what He requires is both clear and obscure. It is clear in that both His character and His will are written understandably in the Christian Bible.

God is obscure or as Paul says, hazy, in our practical experience of Him. God seems to be obscure to many in the world because of the many voices claiming to speak for God.

If Islam is true then God doesn’t seem very good. If Hinduism is true then which God should we serve? If Buddhism is true then there is no heaven or god and we should just try and live a more noble life. But why?

If Christianity is true, then God is loving, patient, kind and merciful but we must come to Him now through Jesus His Presence in this world to be reconciled to God so that when we pass from this life to the next He welcomes us into His eternal family rather than reject us into His eternal punishment.

All the other religions claim to be able to deceive God by following their religious instruction without regard to the real self in our heart. If we fast during Ramadan god is pleased though we hate, murder and rape. Really, does that even make sense?

The true God measures our hearts and minds to the same degree He measures our actions, this is why we all need a Savior.

My thoughts and attitudes are not good and pleasing to God. In my heart I brake all of His commands daily even if I don’t physically break them.

The reason all stand guilty before God is because our hearts are evil but God wants to pardon the humble who admit to Him their failings and seek His forgiveness through Jesus the Savior. This is good news.

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