1 Corinthians 9:1 records your changed lives are the result of my hard work for Him.image

Measuring our productivity in God’s work is not difficult or obscure, it is measured by lives that are changed from selfish, sin focused people into sacrificial, Jesus focused people.

The work of God was initiated by God as He spoke all that is and was and ever will be into being. The work of God climaxed in the life, death and resurrection of God in Jesus the Savior. The work of God continues through the Spirit of God Who works on the inside of a person drawing them to God.

God’s fellow workers, His people, partner with His Spirit by sharing the love of God in Jesus the Savior through words and deeds. The result of this partnership is people being transformed from the inside out into increasingly similar siblings of Jesus the First Born from among the dead.

Unless our work for God results in people being reconciled to God and being restored into the image of God in Jesus the Savior we are not fully engaged in His work. Like our work, specific outcomes are both desired and required for recognition and reward.

God plans to reward all those who engage His work by building upon the foundation He laid in Jesus the Savior having modeled for us the life of sacrificial servant hood while discipling people. The work is plentiful Jesus prophesied but the laborers are few though He has commanded all of those who love Him to go and make disciples among the nations by teaching them to obey everything He has commanded us.

So are we engaged in God’s work? If so, whose lives are being changed as a result?

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