I Kings 20.28 hopes you will know that I am the Lord. images

King Ahab of Israel was not a good man neither was he a lover of the God of Israel. Ahab furthered Israel’s rebellion against God by promoting and worshipping other gods that were not in fact gods at all but idols manufactured by men.

The One True God, the Creator of all people and He Who established Israel was not willing to be ignored.

God comes to Israel and through His prophets helps this wicked king in his time of need so that, just maybe, through his experience of God’s love and kindness, Ahab would truly believe in God, love Him and begin to obey His commands.

Not just once but repeatedly God humbled Himself trying to win Ahab’s heart by acts of kindness and mercy toward him. It is never recorded that Ahab repented, turned to the One True God, and loved Him.

How many deeds of kindness has God shown us while we have ignored Him and His ways? How many good things have occurred in our lives undeserved because God is good and seeks to win our hearts yet we remain cold to Him?

How much more must God do to demonstrate His love for us than what He has already done historically through Jesus and practically through the many blessings we have already received?

The Almighty could easily force His creation into homage and submission. God is love and while He is All-powerful He uses that power to humble Himself before people in order to win people to Himself through His kindness.

When will we turn to God and worship with our lives the One True God Who is good to us?

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