God’s Reward For The Person Of Valor

“Also to his son Shemaiah sons were born who ruled over the house of their father, for they were mighty men of valor. The sons of Shemaiah were Othni, Rephael, Obed, and Elzabad, whose brothers, Elihu and Semachiah, were men of valor…..Meshelemiah had sons and relatives, eighteen men of valor.”
1 Chronicles 26:6-7, 9 LSB https://bible.com/bible/3345/1ch.26.6-7.LSB


The 1828 Webster’s dictionary defines valor as Strength of mind regarding danger; that quality which enables a man to encounter danger with firmness; personal bravery; courage; intrepidity; prowess. How marvelous would it be to be described by God in His holy word as a man of valor? None of us who live now will have that opportunity, but another book will be opened where God will read the deeds of men and reward them for those deeds. This is the opportunity that presents itself before the people of God today. The world is increasingly hostile to God and His ways due to the Church’s disobedience to consistently and fervently work to win people to Christ and teach them obedience to everything He has commanded us. Yet the current people of God can demonstrate more extraordinary valor in this day, for they will suffer for His Name. Choosing to disobey men, to ignore and deny their worldview, will cause men to hate us. Identifying with Jesus and His righteousness as defined in His Word will cause men to curse us for His Name’s sake. The man of God who seeks to honor God will persevere, will love the unlovely and will speak the truth though men reject it. To not participate in the world’s ways according to the world’s ideology but to speak against it as evil and call it to repentance is to live the courageous Christian life that God will reward by identifying us as His own on that day when He judges all men for their deeds done while living on this earth. For the world to get better and for Christ to become more visible, the Church must choose to live a life of valor.

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