Going To Church Isn’t All There Is To Being Christian

“Hear this, you peoples of the earth: ‘Take note! I am about to bring disaster on these people. It will come as punishment for their scheming. For they have paid no attention to what I have said, and they have rejected my law. I take no delight when they offer up to me frankincense that comes from Sheba or sweet-smelling cane imported from a faraway land. I cannot accept the burnt offerings they bring me. I get no pleasure from the sacrifices they offer to me.’” Jeremiah 6:19-20 NET https://bible.com/bible/107/jer.6.19-20.NET


Christianity is far more than going to church. Being a Christian is being a follower of Jesus. A Christian lives as a child of God because God has adopted him through the blood of Jesus. Living as Jesus lived means taking upon ourselves the life of Jesus and the lifestyle of Jesus. Jesus obeyed every command of God so that He could present Himself holy and perfect, a living sacrifice for God for the sins of all humanity. So too, the child of God who lives like Jesus seeks to obey everything Jesus has commanded. Unequivocal commitment to obedience to God, as recorded in God’s word, is the lifestyle of the disciple and child of God. This is not the current mindset of most of the church who remain disengaged from the word of God so that they are entirely ignorant of the will of God except for what they might hear at church once per week. Likewise, Jesus fully engaged in God’s work, seeking and saving the lost. The child of God makes the Great Commission their mission, for they, too, are fully committed to making disciples of all people just as Jesus came to seek and save the lost. This work is sorely lacking among nearly all Christians, with few having anyone they can identify as having led to faith or meeting with to disciple in the faith so that they obey everything Jesus commanded. God is not pleased by our church attendance when our lifestyle is disobedience to His will and disengagement from His work. The sacrifice God requires that pleases Him and to which He will reward is the one who lays down his life to do the will of God while engaging in the work of God, all for the glory of God.

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