How to Work

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I kings 2.3 commands do the job the Lord your God has assigned you following His instructions and obeying His rules.images

After God created man from the dust He then created a garden for the man to work where He also created a helper suitable for the man to work with him: woman.

Since the beginning, humanity has been created to work both to provide for themselves and now to bring order to the world which, like all humanity, has a propensity toward chaos because it is not in proper submission to God.

The driving question for young people is, ‘what will I do when I grow up.’ Career satisfaction or working through career dissatisfaction, consumes adults.

We all want purpose and meaning to our lives and we look to our work to provide these things.

But work in itself cannot give us fulfillment for while we were created to work we were created for God and to glorify Him. Work is a means to our ends which is the glory of God on earth.

By our work we are to bring honor and glory to God: we do this by being excellent with our effort and just in our ends.

When we work we are first to keep in mind the ways and will of God. Work only becomes corrupt when we use it too our own ends and advantage.

Work is noble in and of itself but to remain so people must work nobly which means working in a way that first and foremost remembers God and His commands.

We are first and foremost answerable to God for how we live our lives therefore we must first and foremost make obedience to God and serving Him our primary concern while we do those things God has given us to do for providing for ourselves.

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