Daniel 9.13 observes we have not tried to pacify the LORD our God by turning back from our sin and by seeking wisdom from Your reliable moral standards. images

The prophet Daniel recognized Israel’s calamity was a direct result of their disobedience to God because they pursued other gods whose ways were not the ways of the One True God.

Arguably America is in a spiritual and moral decline. The reason for this decline is that we no longer believe the Bible, doubt the existence of God and therefore ignore His commands.

We now follow the instruction of the godless whose psychology and sociology is ruining our children, our character and our church.

We have made the media and higher education the prophets of our day ignoring the Bible and God’s eternal truths believing instead the book is too old and corrupt to be studied or applied.

The result is our own demise as we continue to experience personal and social calamity. Daniel prescribes the remedy which is quite simple but requires faith and then an act of the will.

The remedy is to seek God and apply His truths to our lives in every sphere we exist: economic, family and government.

If we would know the blessing of God then we must obey God which requires knowing God and applying His truths to our lives: those truths are found in the Bible.

We must stop listening to the secular media and the secular  higher learning institutions for how to live our lives for they present a lifestyle which is the polar opposite of the will of God.

America can return to its former moral and spiritual greatness but to do so it must return to God by returning to the Bible as the source of Truth and conduct for life.

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