Human Value And Dignity Is God’s Design

“He said to them, “You know that it is unlawful for a Jew to associate with or visit a Gentile, yet God has shown me that I should call no person defiled or ritually unclean.” Acts 10:28 NET


The secular culture blames Christianity for racism, discrimination, and oppression. It is not Christianity but those who deny the reality of the One True God, claiming evolution as their narrative of origin and self-righteousness as their justification for doing whatever is right in their own eyes. Christianity claims all people have been created through two people. The genetic diversity on the earth results from the genetic diversity God imparted to Adam and Eve, whose marriage copulation led to the production of all humanity. Since all people come from God, He commands all people to love one another, acknowledge Him as God and Father of all, and recognize each other as brothers and sisters doing to them as we would have them do to us. Racism, bigotry, and discrimination have been part of the human condition since the original rebellion against God by humanity. Man’s injustice to man is not indicative of the will of God but reflects man’s need for God. The cross of Jesus Christ, God the Savior, has paid the penalty for the evil men do against men if men will humble themselves before God and receive their pardon through Jesus the Savior. That cross reiterates God’s commitment to developing His family of sons and daughters from every tongue and tribe and nation, equal in value though diverse in innumerable ways. All people, male and female, are equally loved and valued in the Christian narrative, unlike the world’s narrative and the gods of the false religions of the world that constantly divide people and diminish the value of certain people, whether they be unborn or otherwise.


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