Life is a Marathon

2 Chronicles 36:13 records Zedekiah was a hard and stubborn man so far as obeying the Lord God of Israel was concerned, for he refused to follow Him.images

The Bible does a lot of recording of how people finished their lives.

Any of us can run a ten yard sprint. Some of us can run a 100 yard dash but very few of us could run a marathon. What’s the difference? Focus, commitment, training.

Living on earth is a marathon and not a sprint.

It’s a marathon to stay married 50 or more years. It’s a marathon to raise children with whom you still enjoy their company in your old age and who want you around when you are old. It’s a marathon to be good for 80 years. It’s a marathon to remain gainfully employed for 60 years.

Life is a marathon and not a sprint.

Anyone can marry but not all will stay true to one spouse their entire lives. Anyone can procreate but not everyone parent’s well children who lead productive lives and are positive contributors to society. Anyone can get a job but not everyone rises through the ranks because they were faithful, productive and increasing in competence.

Life is a marathon.

God will judge us for how we lived this life. God will reward us for those things that we did that contributed to the building of His eternal kingdom.

If we are to finish well we must focus daily. If we are to complete the marathon successfully we must love God so that we are empowered to really love others.

The older we get the more we wish we loved better and served more. We can do this but we need to focus on God and obedience to His ways for His ways are all about loving people and serving them toward His ends.

As we reflect on a year finished and prepare for the year ahead lets focus on what our end will look like.

Lets make it the kind of ending we can be proud of, one that is remembered by a deep love for God and for people.

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