Living Like Jesus Lived

John 14.31 reminds us that the world may learn that I love the Father and do exactly what My Father imagehas commanded Me.

When Jesus was wrapping up His earthly visitation He summarized His work as a world-wide example of love. Love for the Father and love for the people of the world past, present and future was to be how His work is defined.

What did this love look like?

The love of God in Jesus the Savior could be best described as sacrificial surrender and service. God the Son surrendered His position as King of kings and Lord of lords to become the humble servant of God, sacrificed to take away the sins of the world.

Through perfect obedience motivated by love and demonstrated by humility, Jesus became the means for all of humanity from and for all time to be reconciled to God.

Jesus intends for His work and His lifestyle to continue. This work and manner of living is to be continued through each generation of followers of God. This is why He said if anyone would come after Him they must deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow Him.

The expectation of God for the people of God is that we would surrender ourselves wholly and fully to the will of God which is the restoration of the world to God.

To complete this assignment we must place the work of God and the needs of humanity above our own wants, desires and preferences. Until we humble ourselves, surrender our lordship of our lives and embrace our roles as servants of God and men we will be incapable of fulfilling the destiny God planned for His people.

The world is to know that the people of God love God and do His will for His glory. How is this done?

By obeying God through the laying down of our lives in order to reconcile people to the love of God through Jesus the Savior.

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