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Losing On Earth Is Winning In Heaven

“The one who loves his life destroys it, and the one who hates his life in this world guards it for eternal life. If anyone wants to serve me, he must follow me, and where I am, my servant will be too. If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him.” John 12:25-26 NET


What we do now determines how we will live for all eternity. Like investing in our retirement accounts, how much we save when we are young will determine how much we have when we are old. To love our lives is to do all we can to preserve them in health, pleasure, and purpose. It is to look out first and foremost for ourselves, for what is best for us both now and in the future. This kind of living ignores God and rejects what is best for others because it is consumed most and first with whatever our bodies want or our minds think is best for us. This is the opposite of living like Jesus and jeopardizes our souls to hell. We must love God first and most and our neighbor as ourselves. We love God by giving, serving, and working with all our resources to see His kingdom come, and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We love our neighbor best and most when we do all we can to bring them to peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ so that their eternity call also be spent with God and all those who have loved Him. Jesus seeks and saves the lost by His Holy Spirit through His people. Those who love Him most and will spend eternity with Him are those engaged in obeying God by helping people love and obey God, too.


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