Making Sure We Live Forever With God

Revelation 2.26 promises, the one who conquers and who keeps My works to the end: I will give him authority over the nations.


The Lord Jesus promises His reward of eternal life with Him on the new earth to those who conquer and remain faithful to do His will to the end of their days. This challenge, requirement, promise is different from what most Christians believe and speak – that we must merely pray to Jesus for our salvation and so it will be.

Jesus requires faithfulness to His will all of our days. What is His will? The building of His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. This is the seeking and saving of the lost and the discipling of the saved through the teaching of obedience to everything He has commanded.


Every Christian, every day, is to be a servant of God for the sharing of the gospel with people and the testifying to the wisdom of obedience to His commands. Everyday, always, regardless of our vocation, the occupation of every disciple of Jesus is to do the works of Jesus which is making Him known to men and encouraging the obedience to His will among men.


This is where the command to conquer comes in. We must conquer our fear of men and our flesh of rebellion against the ways of God. Our battle is against our own desire to rebel against God as much as we battle the world’s teaching that contradicts the Word of God.


We conquer every idea that disputes Biblical truth even as we conquer every desire that contradicts God’s commands. This life of doing Jesus’ will while overcoming our own sin nature is to be the normal Christian life.


It is this life that Jesus promises to reward with eternal life in His kingdom.

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