Hebrews 7.19 observes the law made nothing perfect.images

Most religion is an attempt by people to live lives acceptable to God in order to be received by God with favor when they pass from life to death to life forever.

While ignoring the written commands of God in the Scriptures, most people still consider themselves good and worthy of being accepted by God as they compare themselves to others in the world who they know are less savory.

The One True God does not work this way. While the One True God has recorded His will for all people in the Scriptures, He requires that will be perfectly obeyed if people would live lives pleasing to Him.

God’s law is good in that it perfectly records what God requires for people to live lives pleasing to Him. The law is not good in that it fails to provide the power necessary for people to live it for the predisposition of humanity is rebellion against the law of God.

Perfect obedience is impossible for humanity, with that being the requirement; every person fails to please God making all of humanity unworthy of welcome into the eternal dwelling of the perfect God.

Yet God was not willing to condemn forever His creation so He Himself came to earth and lived perfectly the law He required all to live so that He could exchange His perfect life for the imperfect lives of all people.

Those who receive this exchange now seek to please God not because of legal requirements but from thankful hearts because of God’s mercy.

In addition, God has given His Holy Spirit, the power of Himself, to reside in people so that they can now live lives pleasing to God, something the law is powerless to provide.

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