Proverbs 23.17 commands be zealous in fearing The Lord all the time.

This should be the goal of every christian yet very few manifest such love for The Lord.

It is hard for us to stay focused on the things of God for our attention span is short. We are easily consumed by the urgent and our own agenda so that thinking and doing the work of God becomes difficult.

The solution is to devote our first and last thoughts of each day to the Word of God which allows the Spirit of God to train us for doing the work of God.

The Lord Jesus modeled such behavior as He rose early in the morning to pray then concluded His day again with prayer while spending the working day doing the will of God.

We have work to do, families to serve and people to engage: all in a way that honors and glorifies God. This is only possible as our hearts and minds become saturated with the Word of God otherwise our work, our families and other people all become means to our selfish ends.

Being zealous for The Lord all the time means to be continually aware of His presence and will while doing all that we do.

It means staying in the moment with God to honor God even while doing the mundane. There is no minute of any hour when our heart and mind are not to be devoted to pleasing God: a near impossibility made more difficult without daily intake of God’s Word and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

God is not demanding activity from us all the time; He just demands all activity honor Him all the time.

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