Real Worship is Real Service

2 Kings 17.33 describes people worshiping the Lord and at the same time serving their own gods. images

There is a big difference between what we worship and what we serve, at least externally. God is not fooled however, what we serve is what we worship from His perspective.

Those who truly worship the One True God will likewise serve the One True God but those who truly worship themselves will spend their time, talent and treasure on those things that make them feel happy and significant.

Many people worship God by attending Church, singing songs of praise and praying in their hearts but continue to serve themselves by focusing on their own interests. God is not satisfied with our worship if our service or true love is for someone or something besides Him.

God created humanity for Himself, we were created by God for God to both worship and serve God. Our culture’s moral climate reflects a people who worship God but fail to serve God.

Serving God begins with knowing God for the servant cannot please the Master until he knows what the Master requires.

Those who truly love God read and study the Scriptures in order to know God and His commands. The servant of God then obeys the words of God joining Him in His mission for the world.

God has come to the world in Jesus and He has commissioned His followers to spread that truth among the nations and to help those who believe to grow in their love and service to God.

God is more interested in our service than our worship for our service reveals what we truly worship.

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