Preparing for Judgement

Hebrews 4.13 warns nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered andimages laid bare before the eyes of Him to Whom we must give account.

If there really is a God it only makes sense that He would know everything I have ever thought, said and done.

The importance of this characteristic of God is for judging all of humanity after we have finished our test; the life we lived in this world before entering the world to come that is eternal and the reward or else consequence for the life we lived in this world.

It is this judgment where final justice will take place and where the evil doer finally gets the full measure of his consequence.

Yet all of us have disobeyed God, none of us have been faithful to do the works God has commanded either continuously or perfectly. Everyone of us has spoken words and thought things that dishonor our Judge which far outnumber the evil deeds we did or the good deeds we refused.

The scales of good and bad are tipped completely to the side of bad if we measure our thoughts, words and deeds by God’s standards. The hope we have that we are 51% good is based entirely upon ignorance of God’s commands and an unbiblical belief that because God is love He will overlook His requirement to obey Him.

Why do we have so little regard for God’s commands or our date with destiny when we will give account to God for the lives we lived knowing deep in our souls we did little to love God or obey Him? This reality helps us understand His description of those who will truly get to heaven when He told us the way is narrow and few are on the road that leads to life.

While nearly all of us think we will go to heaven few of us are really on that road. This is true for two reasons.

First, we fail to admit we really do need a Savior. Jesus is called the Savior because He alone can pardon us from the consequence of our gross imbalance toward evil on the scales of our lives. Perfection is God’s standard if we are to earn our way to heaven, a standard none of us are capable of meeting so we need a Savior, Someone Who can and will forgive us and pardon us.

Second, if we really have submitted ourselves to the hope of our Savior then we must do deeds in keeping with our trust in Him. These deeds reflect His will and His ways. Having admitted our need for a Savior we are now to no longer continue in our ignorance of God and His will but we must begin to know His will and do it.

Judgment Day is coming. We will all die then we will all face judgement.

Do we really believe that and if so, are we making ourselves ready to pass through with the reward of eternal life with God?

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