Reading the Bible is Essential for Passing Life’s Final Exam

Ezekiel 3.10 commands, son of man, let all my words sink deep into your own heart first. Listen tobible-1425029 them carefully for yourself.

I am always amazed by the disregard people have for the Bible. In our arrogance we believe that what we think about God defines God.

That logic has never made sense to me because its untrue in every other realm of life. What I think about a person doesn’t define that person. My experience defines that person but even then, without more experience, I could still be wrong about the nature and character of a person despite what I think. It only makes sense to me that if there is a God He would want us to know what He is like. Every god ever imagined by humanity has sought the adoration and worship of his adherents.

While the One True God certainly desires worshippers, He makes clear how that worship is to be given. God has recorded Himself through His writings so that all people from all time could know Who He is and what He requires. That’s only fair isn’t it?

After all, if God is going to judge us it seems like He should tell us what is on the exam? If He didn’t tell us wouldn’t we consider Him unjust? To ignore the exam preparation material is to fail the exam. To leave to chance that the exam covers what we in our arrogance have decided it should rather than study what is on the exam is utter foolishness.

This doesn’t work at school nor in the marketplace. We are most frustrated when we are determined to have failed at something we had no idea we were being measured for.

The Christian God alone is marketed as the God Who is love incarnate. As such He has provided for us the means to know Him and to please Him. It is all contained in the Bible.

We ignore reading the Bible at our own peril for when we face God on judgement day there will be no opportunity for a retake of the exam.

God desires we pass the test but He expects us to prepare for it, if we won’t then is it logical to blame Him for our failure?

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