Sharing Jesus With People

 “For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost…….” ‘But these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them in my presence.’ ” Luke 19:10, 27 LSB


There are three kinds of people in the world; those who know and love the One True God, those who are ignorant of the One True God, and those who despise the One True God. Those who know and love Jesus are to go into the rest of the world to convince the second group of people who God is so that they too can love Him, serve Him, and live forever with Him. The third group will be removed from God and His people on that Day He judges all men to determine their eternal future. Those who love God and obey His commands will live forever with God and His people on the new earth in peace, love, joy, and abundance. Those who despised God, who hated His ways and would not obey His commands, will forever be separated from God and His people in torment and suffering beyond anything anyone has ever experienced. The Christian who would obey God by making disciples of all people must share their love for God with all who are in groups two and three to bring them into the family of God. The ignorant and the angry toward God are not always distinguishable at first. The Christian may suffer under the hands of those who hate God in his effort to win them to God in Jesus the Savior. Those who are ignorant of God must be persuaded to love God in Jesus the Savior, or they will move into the camp of those who despise God in Jesus the Savior. Like Jesus, the Christian must seek to save the lost, but along the way, he may encounter the hostility of those who will eventually reap destruction for their hatred toward God.

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