The Depth of Our Love Determines the Depth of Our Service

Luke 7.47 observes, if the forgiveness is minimal, the gratitude is minimal.

Public education has spent the last 50 years teaching us that we are born good but due to poor environments go bad. This is why everyone is a winner and we work so hard to keep anyone from feeling like a loser. All are given a trophy for attendance rather than performance. God teaches us something different in His biography.

God tells the story of our being made image bearers of His but through rebellion our DNA has changed to one that now causes us to be born rebellious. The toddler who naturally defies their parent proves God’s Word is true. It is our nature and not our nurture that makes us bad. This is why we all need forgiven by God.

Every human needs pardoned for the disobedience they have done against God. No one is exempt from failing to obey God from sunrise to sunset, from birth to death. Those who recognize the love of God demonstrated in the mercy of God through the sacrifice of God making possible the pardon by God for all who come to Him in repentance serve God gladly, wholeheartedly and sacrificially. These are the true children of God.

Those who believe God received a good deal when we choose Him, who perceive God has done little for them except create heaven, do little to honor God or complete His work on earth so that it looks like heaven. These should not expect to be received into the Kingdom though they are convinced they will be.

Our love for God is demonstrated by our service to God which reflects our understanding of God: who we are and what He has done for us through Jesus the Savior.

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