The Difference Between Christianity and Islam

The article below describes some Muslim militias attacking and killing some nuns and their patients in a nursing home in Yemen. This story is a microcosm demonstrating the magnitude of difference between imageChristianity and Islam.

Those who believe all religions are the same and lead to the same end are sorely misguided as this story illustrates as well.

The Muslim militia had no problem hand cuffing then killing elderly Yemenese people. This is because their god has given them permission to kill the infidel, in this case the Nuns, and the worthless, in this case the Yemenese elderly. In Muslim hierarchy the Yemenese are at or near the bottom of the food chain.

Atheists can relate to the Muslims on this point as they too have a history through abortion, euthanasia and eugenics of killing the weak and the worthless as they deem certain classes and ages of people. This religion too, the religion adamant to oppose religion, is murderous and cruel to the weak in humanity.

The Hindu too separates and mistreats the lower caste weak and vulnerable. Its not just practice but prescription within Hinduism and Islam that separates people for being mistreated by the ‘chosen ones’ should they deem it necessary.

Conversely the Christian Nuns are told by their God to love others but especially the poor, the weak and those who cannot repay them for their good. So four woman entered a country, not their original homeland, to love a people who would otherwise be discarded in the streets to die.

Mother Theresa’s ministry has never made sense to the Muslim, the Hindu, or the Atheist. Why would you comfort a person dying whose own people, own family, have left them for dead? These aged and diseased people bring no value to the caregiver or even greater society. Why care for such people indeed?

The One True God, Who came as the Christ, says when you have loved such a person as this you have loved Me and great will be your reward in heaven for such deeds.

The Christian God measures our love for one another by our sacrifice for one another particularly when the one doing the sacrificing has nothing in this life to gain for their effort.

Christians haven’t been perfect in demonstrating God’s love to the world but their God is perfectly described in the Bible and His will when obeyed, like these Nuns were doing, demonstrates unequivocally that there is only One God and He is the Christian God.

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