The Fruit Of Your Life Reveals The Soil Of Your Life

“As for the seed that fell among thorns, these are the ones who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by the worries and riches and pleasures of life, and their fruit does not mature. But as for the seed that landed on good soil, these are the ones who, after hearing the word, cling to it with an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with steadfast endurance.” Luke 8:14-15 NET


Two responses to Jesus’ words, contained in the Scriptures and pronounced by those who love Him and obey His command to make disciples, seek evidence that they are good soil and not like those who bear no fruit. Most Christians are not engaged in making disciples, the singular task our Lord and God gave before He returned to heaven and the throne He left where He rules the universe and intercedes for His people. Worries about life and the desire to be happier in this life keep the unfruitful without affect and obedience to God. Jesus slept on a boat caught in a storm because He did not worry about this life but knew His purpose, and His Father would see Him through to the conclusion of that purpose, which was not to die in a storm. We must be intentional either to obtain pleasures or bear eternal fruit. Both focus on a goal, a target, that we pursue with our time, talent, and treasure. We are either accumulating things or experiences for our pleasure or accumulating time in people’s lives to influence them to Christ and obedience to His commands. Our focus is either on ourselves or upon others and their eternal destiny. God describes our lives simply and will judge them the same. We seek to complicate our decisions to justify making the wrong choices. We are either good soil producing fruit or poor soil choked by the pursuit of pleasure and the worry of things going wrong to keep us from the comfort and pleasure we seek. God will reward one kind of life for all eternity but not the other. Our fruit reveals our soil.

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