The Heritage of Our Generation

Jeremiah 16.19 records, Our ancestors left us a foolish heritage, for they worshiped worthless idols.image

Every parent hopes to leave a heritage to their children that helps them live better, stronger, freer than they themselves experienced in their youth. Our parents and grand parents certainly achieved this goal in education and economics for us.

College was only for the privileged few before 1950. College is a pretty common destination for people today who make even minimal efforts in school. Depressions, catastrophe’s, and sicknesses used to destroy families and livelihoods, today we survive hard times much easier while moving through them much quicker.

While our grand parents and parents made our lives easier physically we have lost our moorings morally and spiritually. This drifting from God has resulted in greater conflict with each other. The worship of science and self went mainstream after WWII causing us to ignore, disbelieve and disobey God to our detriment.

Science hasn’t disproved God. All of biology, physics, chemistry and astronomy scream that a Creator stands behind everything we see and experience. The flawless order, diversity and complexity of the created world debunk random chance unequivocally. Yet we still teach our children that there is no God and so they have no purpose for they are an act of random chance.

With no God there is no moral order. No reason to love neighbor, to consider others or to do good. While we cannot help ourselves from doing such things because we are made in the image of God yet we do them now only as they are convenient or for our own benefit. We deny the voice within placed there by God Himself to draw us to Him so that we would pursue His goodness and seek restoration.

What will we leave our children? Will we continue the moral and spiritual apathy or will we teach our children the way they should go by reading them the Scriptures, taking them to Church and exposing them to truth about God’s created order?

We will leave a heritage, what will it be?

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