Psalm 101:2 proclaims I need your help, especially in my own home, where I long to act as I should.image

There’s no place like home, Dorothy said, and no doubt we would all agree.

Home is where we are the most real and where those who know us best know best who we truly are. It is in the home we are most tested yet it is also the place we are most accepted. In public we bite our tongues but in the home we too often let our tongues run free. In public we smile and treat others with patience, in the home we criticize and demand.

The people we love most are those who live with us but they are the ones we most often treat the worst. It’s a common malady.

The Psalmist too faced this problem so cried out to the Maker of his soul for help to be the person he knew he wanted to be for those he loved.

God is in the restoration business. God desires a husband and wife to be one flesh even as the Trinity is One God.

God has commanded parents to teach their children His history, His commands and His promise so that they become children of God in addition to children of men.

Our children will struggle to believe in God if their parents live as though God didn’t exist.

Both the character of God, which must be modeled, and the Word of God, which must be taught, are necessary for leading children into faith in God.

The public education system teaches children there is no God, He made nothing rather they are a random accident following millions of years of cosmic evolution. They are taught there is no absolute truth, whatever one feels is right is acceptable as long as they don’t hurt anyone (the one absolute truth).

It is a difficult thing to combat the influence of school, peers and media and remain faithful to God’s command to train our children to love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

Every parent serious about pleasing God must join the Psalmist in prayer for help to be the godly parent their children need for following Him.

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