The Problem is Simple, Ignorance of Truth

Hebrews 5.14 observes, but solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.


This is the problem with so many Christians today, particularly among the youth, they have no discernment between good and evil. Like the world, the media, the university professor, they call good evil and evil good. This is because they have not put to constant use the solid food of the Word of God.


They have not trained themselves in the practice of obedience taking God’s commands and putting them into everyday use in their lives. They have not spent much time with those in the Church attempting great works for God, the building of His kingdom upon earth as it is in heaven but instead have played and wasted their time in meetings where they were given little from the depth of God’s table.


Unfortunately, these same ‘Christian’ youth, have not seen many parents likewise immerse themselves in the Word of God with the people of God in order to obey the commands of God in particular the making of disciples in all the world. This poverty of effort and example has led us to where we are today, swayed by every wind of teaching that comes from the university and media to the utter disdain for Biblical Truth.


When God came to live with us as one of us, Jesus the Savior, He identified Himself as the Truth. God is true, His word is true, it is to shape all of our thinking and thus all of our behaving so that what is seen and experienced by all is the goodness and wisdom of God for the glory of God.


The need of the hour is for those who claim to be Christians to saturate themselves with Biblical Truth and collaborate with those doing the same for the expansion of God’s kingdom upon earth as it is in heaven.

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