You Must Be Born Again To Get To Heaven

“The Spirit is the one who gives life; human nature is of no help! The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.” John 6:63 NET


The way of God for getting into heaven, passing judgment without condemnation, and living forever with Him and all those who have ever loved Him is through Jesus by being born again. God is the Judge who lives with Him forever in His new world where no one dies and everyone lives in love, peace, and joy. As Judge, God determines the entrance requirements into His eternal dwelling place. Through Jesus the Savior, God has chosen that men must be born again by His Spirit to have peace with Him and avoid the wrath to come. Being born again cannot be accomplished by our good deeds and feeble attempts to please God. Being born again comes from God, by His Spirit. Like physical birth, in which we had nothing to do except participate, spiritual birth is not of our own volition or action but of God. God moves in our hearts, drawing us to Himself, causing us to repent of our evil ways, believe in the work of Jesus, and obey His commands for the rest of our lives by the power of His Holy Spirit. All those, but only those who are born from above, will live above with God. Our work is to share Jesus with everyone, for we do not know those whom He has chosen to receive and believe the work God has done in Jesus, the Savior of the world.

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