The Purpose of Work

2 Thessalonians 3.6 commands we stay away from any Christian who spends his days in laziness. images

The Lord Jesus, the King of the universe, the One Who will determine the eternal destiny of all who have ever lived whether in heaven or in hell, commands people to work.

Indeed the first purpose given to man after being formed out of the dust was to work in the garden of Eden. What was this work Adam was to do? It was to care for his world to the glory of God.

The world God made for Adam would supply his physical needs so that was not his primary purpose for work. Adam was to work the world in such a way as to make it more glorious and wonderful in honor and praise of the God Who made him in His image.

Work was not meant to create personal status or its fruit for personal consumption but to give people a practical means for glorifying God.

The Church has likewise been commanded by the God of the universe to work for the glory of God and to make friends with only those who are also engaged in this purpose.

Work is not about us but about God.

The fruit of our work should be an offering to God not a means for personal consumption or glory.

The world and all it contains will supply our needs with little effort on our part. If we seek glory for ourselves our work will increase in difficulty for our insatiable appetite for gain will mean we will work more and more for increasingly bigger houses and greater treasures.

When the focus of our work is the glory of God and our best means for bringing Him honor then our work is full of peace, joy and contentment.

This kind of work focuses primarily on God’s pleasure and then the people around us discovering Him while we work and through our work and by our work.

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