Trusting God

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Genesis 32.7 observes Jacob was very afraid and upset.

God spoke to Jacob telling him to return to the land promised as a possession to him, his forefathers and his progeny.

While on his way Jacob encountered a number of angels who undoubtedly confirmed for him his good standing with and before God.

Yet Jacob fears the vengeance of the brother he betrayed who was now coming to him with 400 men.

This story illustrates a constant theme in the Scriptures that obedience to God and being in the perfect will of God is no guarantee of ease, comfort or control.

Jacob had the blessing of God and was obedient to the will of God but he still had to learn to depend upon God.

Trials and difficulties are like weights that make us stronger when we lift them by prayer and trust in God.

Jacob returned to his old self-sufficient ways when he tried to appease his brother by offering him lavish gifts to soften his wrath.

To keep Jacob from thinking his own ability would protect him God showed up to wrestle him ending with permanent injury to Jacob’s hip so that he would no longer depend upon his own strength but the strength of God.

Like Jacob we are quick to use our own resources whatever they may be to eliminate our difficult circumstances rather than trust God Who controls all things and all men.

Our responsibility is to obey God and then trust God to watch over us. Faith is not measuring God’s love for us by our trials but by His character and deeds done for us in Christ Jesus or Lord.

We are to learn dependence upon God and reject the independence from God we have lived with most of our lives.images

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