John 16.9 observes the world’s sin is unbelief in Me. most people believe themselves to be pretty good, especially as compared to others. images

Most people view religion as a means for helping people to know what is good so they can do good.

Interestingly, when God lived among people on the earth, He claimed the problem with humanity is their acceptance of Him.

Evil in the eyes of God is the rejection of Him and His authority over our lives.

The belief that God requires is not in the historical figure of Jesus as a good religious leader. Neither is the belief that God requires merely the acknowledgement that the universe contains God in some form, manner or way.

The belief God requires in Him acknowledges Him as the Only true God Who alone is absolutely pure and righteous and Who is Creator of all, and is alone to be obeyed and worshiped by His appearing in Jesus the Savior of the world. The evil forces in heaven and on earth acknowledge the Sovereignty of God but they do not obey Him as Lord of all.

All religions except Christianity deny Jesus as God and the only One through whom humanity can ever be reconciled with God. Doing good, having our own religion, not being as bad as some Christians and loving the planet will not please God.

The sin of all humanity that must be fixed if any one is to be accepted by God is that of denial and unbelief in God Who lived among us as Jesus.

We can only be made right with God after we acknowledge Jesus as the Lord of all and place ourselves in subjection to His eternal rule over us.

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