Acts 3:19 encourages us to change our mind and attitude to God and turn to Him so He can cleanse away our sins and send us wonderful times of refreshment from the presence of the Lord.image

What do we really believe about God?

It is perhaps the most important question we will ever ask and answer for ourselves. Our belief in God determines our values which are reflected in our actions so not only is this question paramount individually but collectively as well.

Do we really believe in God and if so what do we believe about God, His requirements, values and promises?

The answer to these questions determine how we live today and the destiny we believe is to come. If God is real then the future He has declared will come whether we believe in it or not. God is not a creation of our belief, our beliefs only reflect our understanding and commitment to the Creator.

Mankind has always believed in God yet that understanding of Who God is has been as diverse as humanity itself. Why?

If there really is only one God why are there are so many versions of Him?

The Bible gives two answers to this question. First, we chose to disobey Him from the beginning of our ancestry causing us to break intimacy with God leading us to the creation of whatever gods worked for us. These gods are vain, petty and aloof, much like the people who created them.

Second, we are egotists bent on having our own way. The last thing we want is a God Who demands that we submit to Him. We prefer gods who promise blessings now and virgins forever rather than obedience now and worship forever.

Christianity is the only religion to declare God as One Who made everything that is and was and ever will be, Who has Himself entered our world as a Man in order to clearly communicate with humanity Who He is and What He requires.

If we really want peace with God and the pleasure of knowing the Creator of our souls then we would do well to change our minds and attitudes about God and get to know Him as He identifies Himself in the Bible and in Jesus Christ the Lord.

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