Matthew 27:52 declares many godly men and women who had died came back to life again.image

Upon the Author of Life’s crucifixion those who were godly experienced a resurrection. God, Who is eternal, created humanity in His own image which means we too were destined for eternity. This is why the will to live is so strong within us: death is the antithesis of the nature of God and thus our true nature.

In the beginning God created the perfect environment for humanity within which we were supplied the means for living forever – the tree of life. Upon our rebellion against God we were banished from that environment lest we live forever in animosity with God and our fellow man.

We are inherently infested with a corrupted nature, one that ignores God and focuses upon ourselves being supreme. We see this most obvious in the toddler whose nature is to ignore the will of his parent and the desires of his fellow man. The toddler screams when they don’t get their way because they are self-absorbed, the result of our broken nature.

God was crucified as punishment for humanity’s rebellion against God and was raised from the dead as proof that His payment was sufficient for all people from and for all time.

Those who do, and have always, loved God, now in Jesus the Savior,  were and will be raised from the dead so that they might receive their new body which is incorruptible and eternal where they will live in the presence of God forever, first in His heaven and then upon the new earth.

Those who continue to ignore God and disobey His commands will also be raised from the dead but will be sent to hell where their souls will exist in torment forever and ever.

The good news is that we will live forever, this life is not the end but the means to our eternal beginning.

The question is not if we will be resurrected but where will we spend our eternity?

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