What Food Energizes You?

John 4.34 says the Man, who is God, Jesus, said to them, My food is to do the will of the one who sent Me and to complete His work.

It is a difficult assignment but it is the one we have been given nevertheless; that we live life like God lived life when He lived life among us as one of us. How did the Man, Who is God live life?

He started His life like all of us, in infancy. God choose humble beginnings for moving physically into our world. He came unrecognized save for a very few insignificant folks and a few foreign rich guys. He took over His earthly father’s business, God lived under cover for most of His time with us, endearing Himself to His community through quality products and service. How do I know this? When He left the business world to enter ministry those He asked to join Him immediately left everything to accept His invitation.

Jesus identified His life mission, His purpose as doing the will of His heavenly Father. That will was for Him to become the Savior of the world and the Lord over all. The doing of His Father’s will was His food. It was what He needed to live, what He engaged daily and what fueled every activity.

Jesus in turn left specific commands for His adherents to accomplish, chiefly the making of disciples in all nations through the process of loving people as we love ourselves. This is the mission of every Christian. Our accomplishment of our work has been less than perfect. Our work has suffered more or less during various periods of history. Might it be that when we are less prone toward obedience it is because our food is something other than doing God’s will?

Can we say that loving people until they follow Jesus is our life, our daily habit and our purposed objective of every relationship? God has chosen His people to be His means for accomplishing His work in the world. This work is the turning of all people from all nations from ignorance of the One True God to a full knowledge culminating in an intimate relationship with the God Who is, Who was and Who is to come.

God’s will is that all people look to Jesus as their God and Savior Who loves them by dying for them and promising to them a blessed eternity: life without end in a true paradise where humanity lives with God forever in peace, joy and love. The bridge between humanity and Jesus are the current followers of Jesus who make doing the will of God their food for living.

The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Take hold of the bread, drink from the cup, and pour out your lives so that others may live.

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